Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Something For The Weekend #5


Well this week has absolutely flown by, it only seems like yesterday I was urging you to take the plunge and go into the dark depths of the Williamson Tunnels in Liverpool. But it's a new week, which means it's time to embrace something new this weekend.

Starting off at a rather sleepy pace, why not check out the 'Explore Kent Walking Festival', as mentioned in the latest issue of Walk Magazine. The festival has set out to bring together walking groups from all across the country to create one big walking festival. The festival is on from 18th July - 7th August and theres at least three walks a day with varying lengths, themes and grades, so everyone is more than welcome. And if that hasn't convinced you, all walkers will receive a free goody bag with gifts and information, good stuff ey!

Here's all the walks currently going ahead, so theres no excuse not to get outdoors and enjoy what Kent has to offer!

Not into that? Try this...

Finishing at a rather more frenetic pace compared to a lovely amble through Kent, Iron Maiden are touring! And no, I'm not talking about the medieval torture device. Theres still tickets left, so whether your near Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff or London you can go and see quite possibly the biggest metal group on earth!

Forming in the mid 1970's the East Londoners havn't looked back since, unless you count their 'Somewhere Back In Time' Album. They've released 15 studio albums, each one with their own unique sound and some absolutely classic songs that have gone down in rock history. It's fairly hard to resist a home grown heavy metal band who's lead singer likes nothing more than to have the odd fencing joust and to fly across the world as an aeroplane pilot, Bruce Dickinson really is one of a kind and encapsulates the true meaning of English eccentricity.

If your not a fan I'm 95% sure you would have heard some of their tracks in passing, the opening drum beat and riff to 'Run To The Hills' is world renowned and I'm fairly sure it's featured in quite a few films, TV programmes and adverts. Plus if your a fan of Monty Python, the late great Graham Chapman featured in their video 'Can I Play With Madness'!

So on to the product of the week. This week it's the Vibram Men's Fivefingers Sprint Footwear, barefooting really is the way forward!

Don't forget that if you place your order before 4-30pm on a weekday your order will be despatched on a next working day delivery, so get your goodies in time for the weekend!


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