Thursday, April 5, 2012

Review: Vango Latitude 300 Sleeping Bag

It's been a while since we've done a review and with our Camping Range being bulked up by the day I thought we'd have a closer look at the Vango Latitude 300 Sleeping Bag. Kat from customer services, Jolene from Marketing and myself have actually had first hand experience with the bag in question, having headed down to Phasels Wood a few weeks back for a bit of Vango training, getting the low down on all the new gear for Spring/Summer and the bag of choice to see us through the night was indeed the Latitude 300.

          Latitude 300: Surf Blue

It's a 3 season synthetic insulated bag with a comfort rating of 0°C for women and -6°C for men. It's been made with an offset double layer construction to maximize insulation and to eliminate those pesky cold spots. The outer fabric of the bag uses a Polair diamond ripstop shell, keeping the weight of the bag down and rather importantly making the bag itself durable. Inside there's a Polair silky micro lining which is soft to the touch and rather comfortable to sleep in. As well as the silky lining theres also an aluminised reflective lining which helps pull heat back into your body.

             Latitude 200: Volcano

One thing that really hit us as we bedded down for the night was the Latitude's 'Thermal Embrace System'. Now this sounds overly complicated, but in practical terms it's essentially the same as being given a hug. The bag wraps itself around your body in a cocoon like fashion, eliminating cold spots which can be opened as you move around in your sleep. So you might not be able to fit a second person in with you, but you'll get a hug all the same!

                 Latitude 400: Treetops

Moving on to the head section, you've got a 3D hood with multi cord closure. Having been a bit naive and not taken any sort of hat with me to Phasels Wood this feature came in very handy indeed! Theres also additional neck and zip baffles to help seal in the warmth, which as the evening got colder and colder were very much appreciated. I'm usually more inclined to go for a square sleeping bag, theres a bit more room to maneuver but certainly as the temperature dropped the mummy shaped Latitude with it's thermal embrace system came into it's own.

Making our way down the bag, the Latitude's 'Arrow Foot' feature gives you extra room at the bottom, as it moulds to the natural shape and direction of your feet, so you don't have to adapt your natural sleeping position to fit the bag, it fits you.

The Vango Latitude 300 Sleeping Bag costs £46.49 and weighs in at 1.600kg. Like most sleeping bags these days it packs down easily so it can stored away when not in use without taking up an outrageous amount of space. It also comes with it's own 4-strap compression stuffsac. We currently have the Latitude in stock in the colour Surf Blue in a Left Zip. We also have the rest of the Latitude family in stock with the 200 and 400 models!

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