Thursday, November 14, 2013

Haglofs - Quad Fusion Range

We had Tim in from Haglofs on Tuesday to give us a rundown of some of the new gear that's fresh on the shelves this Autumn/Winter. There's not been a massive overhaul, however they has been a key change in the insulation that their classic Barrier range is now utilizing. It's called Quad Fusion and here's the low down on it!

The Quad Fusion range is Haglofs new family of high quality synthetic insulations. All QuadFusion insulation options stays warm also when wet, provides lightweight, efficient warmth on the coldest days and offers an easy-care, packable product. QuadFusion is made completely from bluesign approved material and recycled/recyclable polyester.

There's two types of Quad Fusion technology, the standard is used on most of what we currently have in stock, but here's both specs for both variations!

QuadFusion: Haglofs' versatile homogenous insulation alternative. Great warmth to weight is achieved by using hollow-fiber that is crimped into a spiral shape - maximising the air-trapping ability and subsequently the warmth, while at he same time keeping the weight down. Recycled content: 50.

QuadFusion+ powered by ADVANSA: Using a middle layer of state of the art crimped hollow fiber, sandwiched between Haglofs' two outer layers of multichannel fibers with excellent wicking capacity the QuadFusion+ is a great alternative for a range of activities where you need a thermal barrier as well as ability to keep dry - even in high-intensity 'stop-and-go' activities. Besides the outstanding warmth to weight ratio of this insulation, QuadFusion+ wicks over 45% better than other performance insulation options and evaporates moisture over 50% better than other performance fabrics tested. Warming you when you are cold, cooling you when you feel hot. Recycled content: 100%.

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