Thursday, April 19, 2012

Go Go AquaPac...

A new brand for us here at Outdoorkit, we're delighted to say we now have AquaPac in stock! Drenched and soggy mobile phones, MP3 players and cameras can now be a thing of the past!

"Aquapac was founded back in 1983 in London, where we still have our head office. It all started with three young windsurfers wondering if they couldn’t find a way to listen to a Sony Walkman while on (and in) the water. What they came up with was certainly not the most elegant-looking product. But it worked! Jump forward almost 30 years and here we are with an ever-expanding range of products selling in more than 50 countries."

Their whole ethos works around designing genuinely useful products to help people enjoy the great outdoors to the maximum. AquaPac products allow you to go from the roar of the rapids to lazing on your lilo, without ever having to leave your gadgets and gizmos at home. You can swim laps keeping pace with your playlists or paddle down stream listening to your favourite tunes, AquaPac let's you immerse yourself in your environment, quite literally!

We've currently got 5 products in stock; a belt case, mini camera case, keymaster case, MP3 player case and a waterproof phone and GPS case.

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