Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Review: Meindl Men's Borneo 2 MFS Boots

Fresh in through the doors at Outdoorkit, we're delighted to announce we are now stocking Meindl Footwear! Before taking a closer look at one of their key pieces we thought we'd have a quick run through of what Meindl are all about...

"For over 300 years the Meindl family have been dedicated to producing quality handmade footwear for walking, hiking, hunting, forestry and the military from their factory based in Kirchanschoring, southern German. The Meindl family have established a long heritage in the manufacture of quality handmade footwear by using only the best materials combined with their extensive knowledge of leather working and footwear production. Meindl continue to use innovative technology in their products such as Gore-Tex, Vibram and Memory Foam which all combine to produce handcrafted, durable, and comfortable footwear which is internationally recognized through the numerous awards their footwear has won."

You may have noticed the 'MFS' on a few of their boots, this simply indicates the inclusion of their 'Memory Foam System'. Anyone out there who owns a memory foam mattress will be jumping for joy straight away, none of those annoying broken springs! In footwear terms it makes them ultra comfortable to wear, as well as personalizing your fit, as the memory foam shapes to the bends and curves of your own feet and then springs back again once you've taken them out, it's clever stuff really!

Right, so with that little opening out the way, let's get up close and personal with the Borneo 2 MFS GTX Boot. The Borneo boasts one of the toughest constructions of any leather boot out there at the moment, so it's durability doesn't even come into question.

Starting from the top, the Borneo has a waxed Nubuck leather upper, giving it that hard wearing quality as well as a soft to the touch and smooth outer. Inside the boot itself there is quite possibly one of the lushest leather linings you could come across, you almost have to double take to think it's leather at all. As well as making the inside of the boot durable, the lining gives a really plush feel, elevating the boots overall comfort levels. Back to that memory foam we were talking to about earlier, the heel area of the boot features the MFS fit, giving you extra comfort and a bit of luxury to go along with it.

Moving our way into the core of the boot, the Borneo has an Air-Active Soft Print Drysole footbed, for excellent shock absorbency and comfort. There's also a Meindl Multigriff Vibram sole, with lugs thick enough to take a good pounding and provide plenty of protection, without making the boot cumbersome or overly heavy. The Borneo also features B1 Crampon Compatibility, allowing you to go that bit further than just a regular hillside walk.

The Meindl Men's Borneo 2 MFS GTX Boot costs £164.99 and weighs in at 1.580kg. It comes in a classic Brown/Nougat colour.

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