Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Something For The Weekend #6


Ahh, what a scorcher this weeks been so far! Absolutely glorious! That is if your not sitting in an office hard at work at this particular moment in time. But to be fair, the sunshine usually lasts well into the evening, so you can pop home from work, stick your feet up on the garden furniture and relax, until next doors cat decides to leap onto your lap. Can't be just me surely?

Anyway, here's a few ideas to wet your appetite for the coming weekend!

First up, we all know and love them, yes that's right, we're celebrating 40 years of Mr Men! To mark the occasion, from 18 July - 11 September, Selfridges London has transformed it's gift shop to welcome all sorts of Mr Men paraphernalia and stationary! It promises plenty of fun and entertainment for all the family!

"Whether you feel a nostalgic fondness for the iconic series, or your little ones are fans of Roger Hargreaves’ books, the Ground Floor feature will include a fantastic range of products as well as entertainment and events for the whole family."

Sounds like it's most definitely worth checking out and theres plenty of time left to do so! I might even go down myself to add to my Mr. Tickle mug that sits proudly in the cupboard at home.

Not into that? Try this...

Second this week and much more in keeping with the weather, have a look at GoApe. It's essentially one massive treetop adventure! There's 27 courses dotted over the UK, so everyone can get involved! All the courses are located in lush, forested areas to ensure breathtaking scenary while you explore your inner Tarzan.

There's lots of variety to be had on the course too, theres tree-top high wires, tricky crossings with ladders, walkways bridges and tunnels. You get kitted out with all the harnesses, pulleys and karabiners you'll need and get a 30 minute safety briefing which probably consists of more than just saying "Watch out for that tree!"

The whole experience gets you outdoors in the fresh air and connected with your surroundings, if your an outdoors buff then it's definitely one to give a go!

This weeks product of the week hits the nail on the head if you ask me. It's the Coleman 16-Quart Excursion Cooler. Keep those drinks frosty and cool!


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