Tuesday, June 24, 2014

8 Ways to Get the Kids Outdoors

Getting the kid's away from their computer screens and into the outdoors can be a toughie these days. With console's galore and smartphone's to play with it can be hard to convince your little tyke's that the outdoors is something embrace and enjoy. I was having a read of TGO Magazine yesterday and came across these great ideas to get the family involved.

1/ Distraction. It's genuinely possible to head into the hills without complaints and hardly any stops. Try playing games like i-spy all the way to the top or breaking up the route with mini geography lessons about the surrounding area.

2/ Digestion. Keeping bloody sugar levels high is vital. Ensuring you have plenty of food and water for the walk keeps motivations up, especially with sweet things acting as a great reward for good progress.

3/ Direction. Try giving them the map to read and don't be afraid to go the wrong way, it will empower them and teach them.

4/ Distance. Start small and slowly go longer distances. Never lie about how far you have left to go as it's more likely to annoy and break the trust of your littlun.

5/ Difficulty. Rather than going on a very long walk, try a shorter but more complicated route. Walking up streams and jumping between rocks are ideal.

6/ Discipline. Limit your children's time on their electronics, make it a privilege.

7/ Stay positive. If you're enjoying yourself, chances are, they will be too. If you complain and are unhappy, the kid's will probably follow suit.

8/ Objective. Have an agreed objective if possible and have other little objectives along the way to make the journey exciting, think of things you can find or do along your route.

It's also well worth checking out the website missionexplore.net for plenty more ideas!

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