Friday, August 19, 2011

Ride2 Rescue hit the Middle East!

The guys at Ride2Rescue are now well over 3 months into there mamoth journey, which will take them 25,000km across Europe, The Middle East and all the way out the other end to Australia. The organisation has been set up expose and highlight the reality of child trafficking across the world.

They started off their trip from Ashford and have so far cycled through Belgium, France, Germany, Slovakia, Budapest, Romania, Turkey and now the Middle East begins!

There's been bumps and bruises, strong winds, broken camera's, samplings of local cuisine's and plenty of meeting new faces along the way.

The guys have now arrived in Iran and a ready and rearing to start the next section of their ride. It's well worth having a gander at their travel diaries, they give a really detailed insight into their journey as a whole, the places they stay and the people they meet!

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