Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Lattitude Global Volunteering - Abbey Paterson Returns From Fiji

Back in 2013 we sponsored Abbey Paterson on her trip to Fiji with Lattitude Global Volunteering​.

After sending her on her way with an Osprey​ Rucksack, first aid kit and mosquito repellent she's now back in the UK, having done some fantastic work volunteering at a school on the Island of Ovalau.

Here's a bit about her trip on her own words...

"I arrived in January 2014, Osprey back pack filled to the brim and ready to start 7 months volunteering at a school on an outer island in Fiji. What an adventure it was! With no running water we had our baths in the crystal clear river near my home, which was a hut made from bamboo and dried leaves woven together (very cool and breezy).

I lived in a village at the centre of a volcanic crater, surrounded by mountains covered in jungle (not sand and sea as the word Fiji often brings to the imagination). I had such a great time teaching children in the week and exploring the jungle on the weekends that I extended my stay from 7 months to 11, returning in December 2014. My mosquito repellent came in very handy! It is a must have for Fiji. My first aid kit was also fab, any child with a cut? I’m there with my kit! My quick dry towel is in my airing cupboard at home now, it lasted the whole 11 months and I brought it back with me as I loved it so much!

6 months on I am back in the swing of life here, but me and my Osprey backpack have plans! I will be off travelling early next year….

Sorry that I have taken such a long time to get back to you guys with photos as I promised! But attached is a photo of me at the top of Koro Levu, the mountain behind my village of Lovoni. From this point you can see down to my village, and around the whole island of Ovalau. After I took the photo I tied the t-shirt to a tree, so OutdoorKit's name would be up there forever."

 Well done again Abbey! Wishing you and your Osprey Pack a safe journey, wherever you jet off to next year! :-)

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