Monday, October 13, 2014

Healthy Back Bag - The Healthiest Bags in Town

New arrivals, oh how we love new arrivals! One particular new arrival (how many times can we say 'new arrival' in the opening paragraph?) dropped in with us at the back end of last week and it goes by the name of Healthy Back Bag!

You may just think "oh it's just another pack brand", but Healthy Back Bag's come with a genuine point of difference and it's all in the name! The majority of shoulder style bags, although stylish, can also be absolutely murder for your back, hanging loose and not actually fitting to your form. That's where Healthy Back Bag's come in. Essentially the more places a pack touches your body, the more comfortable and lighter it will feel. The aforementioned produce bags that mould to the contours of your spine, distributing weight evenly, meaning no pulling, no straining and no aching neck and shoulders after use. As well as being uber healthy, they also construct bags intelligently with clever pockets, inside and out, ensuring your stuff is also neatly organised and easily accessible! Rummaging around your bag or pack and finding everything apart from the actual thing you were looking for is never much fun!

Healthy Back Bags summarize the popularity of they're packs with a three-fold answer...

1) The Healthy Back Bag is unique; in its shape, in its intelligent pocketing, in its extraordinary variety.

2) Their customers are loyal, coming back time after time to add to their HBB collection.

3) Every Healthy Back Bag is amazingly comfortable, combining in equal measure, versatility, practicality and style.

But it's not about words, you can check out the range yourself HERE!

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