Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Sorel Women's Joan of Arctic Boot and Caribou Boot

October is now fast approaching, which means our first drop of Sorel Footwear isn't far off! Plus now the weather has decided to turn a tad more wintry, there's no time like the present for luxuriously warm boots! We've got 11 ranges expected in from Sorel, but we're going to have a closer look at two of the big hitters...

The Sorel Women's Joan of Arctic Boot has become one of the classics in the Sorel range, securing it's place as a top, top Winter Boot. Crafted from a waterproof full grain and suede leather, the Joan of Arctic is equipped with durability, good weather protection and classy aesthetics, making it just as at home in the pub, in the highstreet and out walking the dog. It has also been constructed with a handcrafted waterproof vulcanized rubber shell, which again elevates the durability and overall levels of weather protection for the boot.


The top of the boot has a faux fur snow cuff, trapping in warmth and stopping the wind, rain and any of the white stuff from protruding inside the cosy shell. A removable 9mm recycled felt InnerBoot provides another layer of warmth and helps with the cleaning, as you can just simply removed it and wash. Around the toes there's a 2.5mm bonded felt frost plug to give protection down to a chilling -25C.


The Sorel Women's Joan of Arctic Boots will cost around £140 when they arrive in and come in two colours; Taffy and Black. Considering the warmth they pack in, they only weight in at around 879g as well, so they're certainly not going to weigh you down!

Another firm favourite in the Sorel range is the Women's Caribou Boot. Although a shorter style compared to the Joan of Arctic the Caribou still packs a punch when it comes to warmth and style, it's an ideal choice for work and play in colder weathers. Constructed with a seam sealed nubuck leather upper and vulcanized rubber shell, the Caribou Boot offers complete waterproof protection. Like the Arctic the Caribou comes with a removable 9mm thermo plus InnerBoot, which helps trap the heat close to your feet, where it belongs.


At the top of the boot there's a wool/acrylic blend Sherpa pile fleece to stop the chilly Winter air from penetrating through. At the toes it features a 2.5mm bonded felt frost plug to keep your tootsies toasty and warm when the temperatures drop. The Caribou's AeroTrac outsole provides a good amount of traction to help deal with slippier terrains.

The Sorel Women's Caribou Boot will cost around £135 when it comes through our doors and weighs in at 952g. We've got it coming in the lighter colour of Buff.

Following on with the warm Winter Boots theme, Katie in our Marketing team got herself a pair of Timberland Women's Mount Holly Tall Lace Duck Boots and hasn't looked back since!

Taupe/Light Brown

"I bought a pair of the Timberland Women's Mount Holly Tall Lace Duck Boots as I was going to Norway to work for the Winter in a ski resort. They turned out to be one of my favourite possessions whilst I was out there. I wore them every day for walking about the resort so they have already had 5 months of good use. The soles are brilliant and if I ventured out in any other footwear I definitely noticed that I was slipping about much more. As well as the grip they are also incredibly comfy and kept my feet nice and warm. Now that I am back in the UK I will definitely be using these boots this winter as the stylish look doesn't look out of place for wearing about town."

You can check out the entirety of our Women's Winter Footwear here!

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