Thursday, May 3, 2012

Silva EX30 Connect Pedometer coming soon!

We've been selling Silva's trusty range of Pedometer's for a couple of years now but over the next week or so we'll see a completely new range enter the building. The Standard Ex Plus, Ex Distance and Ex Step's of this world are fantastic little accessories to have, I've got the Ex Plus myself and it really is a helpful gadget to have, especially when your training for a half marathon. You get four key modes in one; steps, distance, timer and a calorie counter to help you along the way. The new range we're due in however are another step up altogether.

Take a look at the Silva EX30 Connect Pedometer. It's the new age of Pedometer. Instead of using the standard 'pendulum' like step counter inside that vibrates every time you make a defined movement the new range use 3D Sensors. The use of these sensors means the pedometer can be positioned at most angles, stick it in your pocket, in your bag or around your neck and it'll keep on going!

The Silva EX30 Connect measures step counts, distance, calories and also comes with an automatic timer. One of the most impressive features of the Connect is the fact it comes with USB access that can be hooked up to where all your exercise results can be uploaded, targets can be set and you can compare and contrast with friends workout regimes!

When the Pedometer isn't in use, it also has a sleep mode function, saving battery life and also meaning you don't have to take the battery out after every use. Other features include a 7 day memory, automatic reset at midnight function and a step barometer that help's the user reach and maintain the recommended 10,000 steps per day.

Although you can stick it in your pocket or bag, for the best access it's probably best and easiest to wear it around you neck using the included lanyard that also features a safety release. When it comes into stock the EX30 Connect will cost around £40 and comes in the Black/Blue colour as show above.

We're also getting quite a few other variations in, so it's well worth keeping an eye out on our Silva Brand Page!

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