Monday, February 27, 2012

Welcome to My Yard: Watch the video!

Welcome to My Yard aims to give the street children of Nepal a chance in life. These people struggle to survive, living purely day-to-day and earning around £2 per day either by scavenging wood and other items that have spilled into the river from bodies burned at funeral pyres, by collecting rubbish, or by looking after people's shoes whilst they are in the temple.

The saddest fact is that 75% of street children in Kathmandu suffer from sexual assault, which sickeningly is largely perpetrated by foreign visitors to Nepal.

Welcome to My Yard intends to give these people the skills they need to make more of life, and to give them a place where they can meet, feel safe, learn and socialise.

You can help their cause in a number of ways; by signing up for a climbing trip where you can experience outdoor sports climbing in Nepal and help out with volunteer work, by donating some of your hard-earned cash, or simply by promoting their cause in any way you see fit.

Watch the video here:

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