Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Down Jackets Leaking Feathers: Problem Solved!

Their thick, plush and ever so cosy, but every so often your down jacket can throw up a bit of a quandary. We want our customers to have the confidence in the gear they buy as well as getting the very most out of them, both comfort and performance wise.

One of the main queries we get when it comes to down jackets is "My jacket seems to be leaking down, should this happen?" Due to the construction of the majority of Down jackets and the ridiculously lightweight fabrics they use, some feathers and down can sometimes find their way out of the baffles and into the outside world. This small amount of down leakage can occur every so often, so there's no need to worry! It's just a natural property of a down jacket and some may say it's a small price to pay for keeping you nice and toasty when there's a cold bite in the air! Of course if there happens to be an actual hole in the jacket that's a different matter, but usually there's a simply solution to get the down/feathers back in the baffles where they belong.

Check out the video below of our Customer Services manager, Craig, showing just how easy it is to pull the feathers back through! It's just a case of getting hold of the Down inside the jacket and pulling the outer fabric away, sorted!

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