Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Something For The Weekend #16


Coming back to you on our regular Wednesday slot, as the title may suggest, It's this weeks Something For The Weekend. In a week that's seen the red mist decend on a certain England centre forward we're here again to attend to your weekend needs.

The week that was has also seen quite a major announcement in the ODK office, with Katie on our customer service team taking the opportunity to go and work in Norway for 5 months, it's a once in a lifetime chance and hopefully we'll be seeing her again in the near future to regale us with stories of her Scandinavia adventures. Not only has she been a vital member of the customer service team, she's been a fantastic part of the Outdoorkit family for the last year or so, so suffice to say she'll sorely be missed! When we next see her after her Scandanavian tour we expect her to be speaking flawless Norwegian too!

Right, onwards and upwards, what have we got this weekend? Well first up, an idea coming from our friends from Country Walking Magazine, weather permitting, why not give Tryfan a go?

Tryfan's a considerably challenging peak to conquer, it's aesthetics being more in keeping with something you'd expect to see on the back of a Stegosaurus. Consequently, all of it's ascents involve a certain amount of scrambling. If your not a fan of a leisurely scramble then Country Walking point out a more walkable route by the name of Heather Terrace. The route might put more emphasis on your legs than your legs and feet together, however it still has a certain amount of foreboding attached to it. Not that we want to put you off you understand, but it always seems better to overestimate your challenge than underestimate it. It's a rocky route, with crags above and cliffs below.

The route CW have fitted out gives you just over 8km of walking/scrambling with a healthy 5hr completion time. Theres only really one cafe near by, so stocking up on plenty of your own fluids and energy foods would be advisable! The route sees you starting off from the south of Llyn Ogwen, following the A5 North-Easterly of Tryfan itself, then scurring back down with Tryfan on your right, where the scrambling begins, unless you decide to take on Heather Terrace. After your successful summit, you'll see yourself arrowing back up again with Llyn Bochlywd on your left hand side, until you reach Ogwen Cottage where you can stop for a well earned breather. From there you follow the A5 back round to your starting position. Simples!

Not into that? Try this...

If a tranquill bike ride is more your thing, why not check out the Sky Ride inititive, which is trying to bring cycling to the masses. The route on show today is the Cheshire Lakes and Tatton Park. Setting off this Sunday at 10am the 11.4m route starts off in the idyllic village of Ashley and takes in a varied combination of scenic Cheshire lanes, roads and tracks. This particular ride has been classified in the 'Brisk' category with speeds getting up to around 9-10 mph.

Linking in with the Sky Ride inititive, it's also worth mentioning a new charity that has just been set up called 'Go Make It Happen'. It's been set up in aid of Sam Harding, who tragically lost his life while riding his bike in London. The aim of the charity is to give young people a leg up, an opportunity to fulfill their own potential. A fundraiser is being organised for the end of the year and Sky Ride have kindly donated a signed cycling bib by one of the members of Westlife!

Product of the Week

This weeks product of the week, to help keep your energy up while tackling Tryfan, the delectable Jack Link's Flamin' Buffalo Style Chicken Bites.


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