Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Salomon Now In Stock!

We've had a rather tasty Salomon delivery in this week, including a whole mix of trainers, boots and mocs! Typical really that we've had some cosy Winter footwear come through our doors when the 'Indian Summer' is well underway, how long it might last however is anyone's guess!

Here's a run down of three new items we've had in!

Let's start off with the Salomon Men's Switch Boots. It's got the aesthetics of a high end skateboard shoe with the added bonus of being both durable and warm. The Switch boots uses 'Thinsulate' insulation. It works by trapping air molecules between you and the outside of the boot and because of the fine fibres the fabric uses it manages to trap the optimum amount of warmth in the least amount of space, so pretty damn clever really.
The upper of the boot features foam in the heel for extra shock absorbency and comfort. It's also been made with waterproof oiled nubuck leather, to give it a good amount of ruggedness and obviously protection from the wet and damp. The sole has been made with a non marking winter contragrip, molded EVA sockliner and molded EVA midsole, making them ideal for tackling uneven terrains.

Second up, we've got the Speedcross 3 CS Trainers. Like the Speedcross 3, except without 'Climashield' (CS). It's insulation that's lightweight, durable and thermally efficient. Plus it's also exceedingly compressible so there's no added bulk to be had. The upper of the trainer has been made with an anti-debris mesh, to help keep out those annoying bit's of gravel and dirt. It's also been constructed with water resistant textiles to give a good amount of protection against wetter conditions and environment.The Speedcross 3 CS also includes a handy lace pocket to store smaller essentials in. The shoes use Salomon's own Quicklace system for easy on/off. The outsole of the trainer uses non marking contragrip and has a lightweight muscle chassis. For plenty of shock absorbency and comfort the Speedcross 3 CS comes ready with Molded EVA and Injected EVA Midsole. They come in three rather vibrant colours; Terracotta/Black/Pop Green, Vibrant Blue-X/Aluminium/Terracotta and Black/Bright Red.

Last but not least we have the Salomon RX Snowmock LTR. They've been designed to appeal to those who've been out for a days hard skiing but need something soft, comfy and supportive to wear back at the lodge. Even if your not an avid skier mind, their still a great slip on option!

They've been made with a waterproof, nubuck leather for durable protection and a barrier between you and the wet and damp outside. They feature a protective rubber toe cap, so they can be worn in more rugged places, plus theres a furry synthetic lining for a luxurious, cushioned feel. The sole of the Snowmoc uses non marking contragrip for underfoot security. They also use Salomon's OS Tendon and OS Muscle technology to help soothe your muscles after a hard days adventuring. Theres also an injected EVA midsole for optimum shock absorbency.
You can check all our other Salomon products out on our landing page!

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