Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jack Wolfskin Technologies

Having received quite a healthy amount of Jack Wolfskin over the last week or so, we thought we'd give a run down of some of their own materials and fabrics, because we know some of the technologies can become a tad confusing at times, especially when it comes to waterproofing with a multitude of fabrics and membranes on offer.

Starting with Jack Wolfskin's waterproofing fabrics, let's have a look at Texapore first.

Texapore Twillsuede 2L - Weather protection and breathability are teamed in soft, flowing Texapore fabric that was developed especially for the more 'urban' weatherproof jacket: the face fabric fabric consists of slightly structured polyester/nylon twill that is distinguised by it's particularly smooth surface feel. The inner surface of the fabric is coated with microporous PU.

Texapore Taslan 2L - A classic trekking fabric, extensively proven. A very robust 2-ply material with a waterproof and breathable Texapore coating. The face fabric is a robust and water repellent Texapore Taslan 2L nylon. The reverse has a microporous PU coating. Waterproofing spec: 6,000mm water column.

Texapore Taslite 2L - The weight optimised version of Texapore Taslan 2L. It is similarly resistant to mechanical abrasion and just as hard wearing as the original but is slightly lighter in weight. Hydrostatic head: 6,000mm.

Texapore 4X4 2L - Used in basic weather protection apparel. A Texapore material with a water column of 4,000. The microporous PU coating is applied to Polyamide support fabric.

Texapore Smoothlight 2L - Thanks to it's smooth face fabric made from special yarn, Texapore Smoothlight is "quieter" than other versions of Texapore. The back side features a microporous PU Coating. Waterproof spec: 6,000 water column.

Texapore Function 65 2L - This is a combination and functional synthesis of two proven Jack Wolfskin functional materials. The hard-wearing functional material Function 65, which is made of 65 % polyester and 35 % organic cotton, is combined with waterproof, very breathable Texapore. The result is a waterproof, breathable, and very robust weather-protective matt material that feels like a natural textile. It has a waterproof spec of 6,000 mm hydrostatic head.

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