Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Something For The Weekend #10


Ah, back at work after a refreshingly long weekend. I must say the cricket on Saturday was mindblowingly good, there was an unprecedented two bowl offs in the two semi finals which certainly added to the tension and the atmosphere and then Leicestershire came out as the surprise overall winners. The only slight downer on the day were the showers that seemed to occur every hour or so, but rain always seems to lend to the togetherness you experience at the Cricket, highlighted by the very kind bloke next to us lending us his brolly! When you work at an outdoor gear shop you really should know better than to NOT take a waterproof with you to the cricket! With a couple of beers down the hatch you tend not to notice being soggy too much however.

First up this week, we've got a walk in Scotland for you. It's the 'Ring Of Steall' just south of Fort William. This particular walk is located in a group of mountains called 'The Mamores' Which make up part of the Grampians and was featured on January's edition of Trail Magazine.

The starting and finishing point is the car park at the head of Glen Nevis road. Follow the path up the gorge to the hidden meadow at Steall, which is backed by the 100m Steall Falls. Get yourself across the infamous wire bridge across the water of nevis to reach the Steall Hut. Ascend steeply west-south-west through woods to an open bowl. Then traverse hard left below crags until it's possible to scramble up a short turfy step onto Sgurr a' Mhaim's north-east ridge. Climb this until you reach a shallow corrie where the ridge broadens and turns to the left. Scree and boulders lead to a meeting with the east ridge. Next up, tackle the summit pyramid, sticking to the crest until barred to a craggy crest. You then move slightly right before climbing ledge's on the left.

Onwards! Descend south the to narrow arete of the Devil's ridge. One of the first scrambles is a descent into a notch, which is exiled up a slabby rock step. Soon after this you pass a pinnacle via a groove on it's right, the arete then continues over a sharp summit before ending at a saddle. Next up you climb the stony slopes onto Sgurr an lubhair.

Climb the broad, stony ridge onto Am Bodach, then descend steeply north-east. A small unamed top follows and then the rounded peak of Stob Coire a' Chairn, where the main Mamores ridge is. Descend again to a bealach below the ragged fang of An Garbhanach, then climb the rough slopes immediately left of the crest to reach the knife edged peak.

To complete the walk you come through an easy scramble, which is made slightly easier if you keep the right as you go. From the top of An Gearanach descend the grassy north ridge until you overlook the shallow north corrie. Again keep to the right then back left to a cairn on a little shoulder. From this cairn zig zag down the corrie into Glen Nevis, cross a few bogs below Steall Falls and follow your steps from the beginning of the walk to get you back to the car park.

Not into that? Try this...

Poker in the park! It's basically the world's largest Poker Festival, with over 20,000 vistors expected. It's all happening in Hannover Square, just a short walk away from Oxford Circus. Now in it's fifth it's going to be bigger and better than ever with marquees, lectures and a new main stage.

So if you like a friendly flutter or just fancy a day out, then it's well worth checking in to see what's going on! It starts this Friday and continues through to Saturday. It's not all about Poker though, despite the name. On the main stage theres plenty of live music, card tricks, chest and Mahjong exhibitions!

This weeks product of the week, simply because getting wet at the cricket really isn't all that. The Berghaus Men's Paclite Jacket.


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