Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jack Link's Now In Stock!

Fresh in through the doors at Outdoorkit this morning, we have Jack Link's! We've got a tasty assortment of Original Beef Jerky's, Sweet and Hot Beefy Jerky's and Chicken Bites! The guy's at Jack Link's have been incredibly good to us and sent us over more than one lot of finger lickin' samples to have a munch at. We must say, their all bloomin delicious! Especially the Chicken Bites, they've got the perfect amount of a BBQ kick to them, but not so much as to blow your head off.
All of Jack Link's products have been made with high quality Beef Steak and Chicken Fillets to ensure the best snack food to keep you going while out on the hill or on the campsite.

Here's the history of the brand...

Jack Link’s Beef Jerky began with treasured family recipes passed from generation to generation, transforming a small North Woods business into one of the fastest-growing meat snack manufacturers in the world.

From the first day Chris staked his claim in Minong, Wis., a new American tradition was born. Chris Link’s sausages and smoked meats became legendary among the lumberjacks and pioneer farmers of Wisconsin’s great North Woods.

A few generations later Jack was born. An entrepreneur from an early age, Jack followed his dad everywhere, learning all about cattle, the meat business and how to make the best meat products possible. Jack honored his heritage and carved out a healthy business for his own family by supplying top-quality beef to stores and restaurants throughout the Northland.

Over the years, as consumer demand for convenient, high-quality snack foods increased, so did the company’s product offerings. Today Jack Link’s is the fastest-growing meat snack manufacturer in the world, and sells more than 100 different meat snack products in more than 40 countries.

More than a century has passed, but the Link family principles and traditions remain the same: hard work, integrity and a commitment to earn consumer respect by delivering the best-tasting meat snacks in the world.

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